Mad Dog Voyager is a CR Yachts 400DS sailboat

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Item: The Garmin Interphase Color Twinscope forward looking Sonar System
Replaced by Interphase Sounder SE-200 Black Box Sonar (forward looking)

Interphase sonar forward looking  - Interphase Color Twinscope on

The Mad Dogs have equipped the sailboat Mad Dog Voyager with dual Color Interphase Twinscope stations from Garmin; one inside at the Navigation Station and one outside in the cockpit.

The Color Twinscope Forward Looking Sonar by Interphase (Now owned by Garmin) operates like an underwater radar. The color display shows a graphical representation of what it “sees” underwater, using color to indicate the strength or solidness of the object reflecting the sonar signal.

A moving beam, electronically controlled inside of the underwater transducer, sends a 90 degree arc sweeping in front of our sailboat or from side to side. When in Vertical mode, the beam is projected and sweeps from straight ahead to directly beneath our boat, displaying an underwater sonar image of everything that it encounters. This is very useful for determining the shoaling edge of the shoreline, locating underwater projections, rocks, etc. We haven’t found any sunken treasures with it yet, but we are always hopeful…
The Interphase Color Twinscope forward looking Sonar System in use
In Horizontal mode, the transducer sends a 12 degree beam sweeping from side to side showing us what it encounters in a 90 degree sector directly ahead and to the sides of the boat. Horizontal mode is excellent for navigation skinny passes, narrows, etc.

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Photos of our Interphase forward looking sonar
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This system is now replaced with a SE-200 black box
More about our new Interphase Sounder SE-200B Black Box Sonar (forward looking) system

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