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Dutchman Boom BrakeEquipment & Gear used on our CR Yachts 400DS sailboat
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Dutchman Boom Brake, simple and effective!

Every wonder why the call the boom a Boom? We've wondered that, and although it might be folklore, we like the explanation that it comes from the sound thundering through your head after being whacked by the boom on an accidental jibe!

On a sailboat when you change direction, in relation to the wind, it is either a tack or a jibe. A tack is relatively safe as you are sailing with the wind generally coming from ahead of the boat; a jibe however is when you have the wind coming from behind you (or blowing in the same general direction as you are travelling). When travelling downwind, the main sail is filled with wind under pressure like a parachute. The danger of a jibe is that as the boat changes direction, the wind fills the mainsail on the other side of the sail and, if uncontrolled or accidental, the boom may violently swing to the other side of the boat. Swinging the boom uncontrolled to the other side of the boat is very hard on deck gear, shackles, lines and people standing in the way.

Every sailor has experienced a few accidental jibs and while the ones we experienced were relatively light occurrences, we can see what happens if you get hit by a big one.

On our pilothouse sailboat Mad Dog Voyager, we take safety very seriously and have purchased the Dutchman Boom Brake. While there are other systems of boom brakes (or similar systems) available, often times sailors use a Preventer line (this is a line that is tied to the end of the boom and run to the front of the boat to "tie up" the boom and prevent it from being able to swing back), however we liked the ease of adjustment of the Dutchman Boom Brake, as well as the ability for us to make all the adjustments on the lines and control changes from within the cockpit.

The Dutchman Boom Brake, is a relatively simple and innovative system designed to prevent these accidental jibes. The Dutchman Boom Brake is normally attached on the boom, generally near the Boom Vang, and has a line running through it and secured to either side of the boat usually near the shrouds and chainplates (chainplates are where the shrouds are secured to the body of the boat). By adjusting the tension in the Dutchman Boom Brake, the boom is slowed down by the line passing through the tension wheel. With our planned journeys and travels this could be a real lifesaver! There are three sizes of Dutchman Boom Brake available to fit almost all sizes of sailboats.

High quality construction
The Dutchman Boom Brake is machined of 6061 marine grade aluminium, then hardcoat anodized. The fasteners are recessed and/or isolated. The shackle can be side or front mounted for easier installation. The Dutchman Boom Brake is a beautiful piece of deck gear built to last!

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Product review:
Great item, very well built and very easy to use!
A basic piece of equipment every sailboat should have.
●●●●● (5 out of 5 is the best rating possible)

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