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Meeting between The Mad Dogs and a young wild wolf / TheMadDogs.comThe Mad Dogs Cruising Alaska
Cruising Alaska / Winter 2009 / Page 03

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About this page: It is said that there are a few events in a person’s life that will never be forgotten. Sometimes it is at the most unexpected moments that these things happen. Finishing up with the photos of the Grizzly and cub, Leo motions that there is something on the opposite shore. A shuffle in the grass, two big ears, a black nosepad – it’s a wolf! And it’s close! But that’s nothing…

Never in our lives have we experienced something like this. A wild animal, in a wild setting has chosen the Mad Dogs to be the point of interest on her afternoon walk. For the next hour, we take part in an incredible event, unlike anything either of us have experienced. Unbelievable!
Wolf on shore, Endicott Arm, Alaska
About this photo: A curious visitor approaches
With Mad Dog Voyager securely anchored, we continue to enjoy our shore leave. Across a small section of river, this wolf makes it’s way up river, having given us just enough of a glimpse to grab this photo. What next transpires takes place over a one hour period. To become a part of this has been one of the most rewarding experiences since we began cruising – in fact this is an event that might top all others!
                                                                                                                Watch a small video of this event

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Wolf moves towards Leo for a closer look
About this photo: Curiosity is a powerful motivator
Sitting in the grass, Leo is a friend, not a foe, as she moves in for a closer look. Her interest has now shifted and she is completely enthralled with Leo checking him out from every angle and position. “Hi, you’re a friendly wolf!” Leo says softly. Leo lies back in the grass and she moves in even closer, at one point even nibbling and tugging the toe of his shoe!
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Real friends are more fun,!