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Welcome to The Mad Dogs!
  Just a couple of regular guys doing cool stuff

Our website is divided between 2 web sites!

  www.ExploringToInspire.com (Travels)

  www.TheMadDogs.com (The Mad Dogs portal)

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Trash, Pollution, War and Greed
The Mad Dogs want to inspire you to embrace life and start exploring our planet before it is completely spoiled by trash, pollution, war &  greed!

A website for everybody!
Our web site is suitable for everyone, including, kids, parents, teenagers, seniors, your hamster, classmates etc. If you are alive, this site is for you!

Our goal is to put a smile on your face and inspire you to get more out of life! Follow the Mad Dogs and get inspired!

Special videos to watch
 ● Watch: Face-to-face with a wolf!

 ● Watch: Close encounter with humpback whales

Product & Services reviews
Visit our popular review sections with real reviews of equipment & services. >> Highly Recommended

The sailing yacht Mad Dog Voyager
Introducing our pilot house style sailing yacht, "Mad Dog Voyager". Equipped with everything we need and capable to sail full time in the harsh winter conditions of Alaska & Canada. Read more

Start getting more out of life!

Get off the couch, Go out, Explore and Live....! Try to be unique and individual, be yourself & take control of your life, because before you know it, life is over........

Now go out and explore!!

The Mad Dogs
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  Mad Dog Dean
  Mad Dog Leo
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