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Trash, Pollution, War and Greed
-   -Last update 2019, May 22

Welcome my friends to our web site! This site is not about us! No selfies here, just photos of cool things you might encounter if you explore the great outdoors yourself! The Mad Dogs want to put a smile on your face and  inspire you, to embrace life and start exploring our planet before it is completely spoiled by trash, pollution, war &  greed!

Please feel free to share our images on your Pinterest pages and facebook pages but please provide a link back to this website. Our images and text cannot be used for any commercial applications or any digital media projects unless you have received written approval by us! Our web site is suitable for everyone, including, kids, parents, teenagers, seniors, your hamster, classmates etc. If you are alive, this site is for you!

Wanted: Equipment purchase list
We are looking for new equipment to upgrade our sailing Yacht Mad Dog Voyager. If you sell the products or equipment either we are looking for or you feel we should have, please feel free to send us your product offers. >> More details here!

Start getting more out of your life!
So friends, get off the couch, Go out, Explore and Live....! Try to be unique and individual, be yourself & take control of your life, because before you know it, life is over........

Now go out and explore!
The Mad Dogs, Exploring to inspire...

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Welcome to The Mad Dogs!