Welcome to the official website of The Mad Dogs!
Welcome to The Mad Dogs
This is the page for the scurvy dogs that call TheMadDogs.com home. Although we know who we are, and the people we know who know us also know that we know who we are but it's the people that don't know us, haven't met us or maybe have never met the people we know who know that we know who we..... Oh, this is getting too complicated.

 ● We are not couch potatoes.
 ● We are not whiners.
 ● We do not blame anyone else for our situation.
 ● We are living life to the fullest.
 ● We are “Exploring to inspire…”
 ● We are The Mad Dogs!

Our advice to start getting more out of life

Get off the couch, Go out, Explore and Live.... Try to be unique and individual, be yourself and take control of your life today. What happened yesterday cannot be undone but your future is in your control! Don't be an "expert" about others but instead create new friendships and maintain the old friendships because before you know it, life is over........

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Follow your heart instead and create a awesome life yourself!

That is it, now go out and explore!

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The Mad Dogs, Exploring to inspire...™

Welcome to The Mad Dogs!