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Hi there! Glad you stopped in to have a look at our photo and video albums. We just want to tell you that we are not professional photographers. Looking around us, if we see things that are interesting or inspiring, we grab the camera and shoot a few photos and hopefully inspire you to get out yourself.

Note: All videos & photo albums are created by The Mad Dogs! We do not use any 3rd party or AI media in our albums.

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 ► Special: Video "Very close Wolf Encounter"

 ► Special: Video "The 9 Humpback Whales Encounter"

 ► Special: Video "Wacky Sea Lions video"

Sample Mad Dog Drone video
●- The drone pilot is our own Mad Dog Jessie.

are on our own Mad Dog Quotes site

Who is going to Fix Your Life?
-● This Mad Dog video is about taking charge of your life.

Several videos with meaningful quotes & ZEN sound track
●- All videos are created by The Mad Dogs!.

Tropical fish on Fishspert.com (by The Mad Dogs!)

Relax with our Living Aquarium videos. Feel the days' pressures fade away as you relax to the tranquil movements in the aquarium accompanied by the soothing soundtrack.

Tropical fish aquarium videos with ZEN soundtrack
 ●- Play them on just about any media capable device!

Hamster Brain Studio videos

Get Hamsterized! Low quality fake news and sleazy clickbait materials. Scientifically unproven and clinically designed to hypnotize you and implant our secret commands!
Watch our own Hamster Brain Studio therapy collection

That's all folks (for now)

The Mad Dogs, Exploring to inspire...
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