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Website last updated: 2024/02/24

  Added video: Very Close Wild Wolf Encounter

  Added video: 9 Humpback Whales Encounter

  Added video: Wacky Sea Lions

  Updated our "about The Mad Dogs" page

  The social Media button on the header will be fixed soon

  Added videos: On our Mad Dog Quotes site

  Updated videos: Our free ZEN aquarium videos

  Updated our own free Mad Dog Entertainment sites

  Fixed video: Who is going to Fix Your Life?

  Uploaded drone video by our own Mad Dog Jessie

  Added: Social media sites should not be a full time job!

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Planning our next adventure

 Currently we are traveling and will be back very soon!
Friends, even though the future is presenting many unknowns, The Mad Dogs are pushing forward. We are currently planning our next 10 year sailing plan.

We'll update our site with more information once we have more details available for you.

Now go out and explore!

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