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Destination: Alaska,
Glacier Bay National Park

Being a National Park and a Nature Preserve, Glacier Bay is a haven and sanctuary for animals of all sizes, shapes and species. Having evolved from “Ice Palace” to a new, developing and evolving biosphere in less than 360 years, many animal species are slowly moving in and establishing their place in this diverse ecosystem. While there were but a handful of Moose many years ago, there is now a strong, healthy and abundant population in many locations in the Park. Bears, both Black and Grizzly (Alaska Brown) and wolves are two more that have moved in and have entrenched themselves very solidly. A herd of over 600 Mountain Goats calls the upper reaches of the mountains home, huge numbers of Stellar Sea Lions claim South Marble Island as their turf and birds of every shape, size, color and habit imaginable can be found in every corner, nook and cranny of the Park.

The list of resident animal species s almost endless but also includes: coyotes, Sea Otters, Orcas, Humpback Whales, Bald Eagles as well as cod, halibut and salmon.

New species of animals are moving into the Glacier Bay area on a regular basis and animals never seen in the Park before are becoming more common sightings.

To cap off the immense diversity of animals and wildlife that every visitor encounters, the awesome and breathtaking beauty of the landscape is beyond description. From towering mountain peaks to soaring cliff faces, from lowlands to marshes, from unimaginable water depths to crystal clear waters, Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve is a treasure in the National Park Services jewellery box. It is a tribute to the thoughtfulness and foresight of those that stood to protect it so many years before so following generations can enjoy the peace, serenity and beauty called Glacier Bay.

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We've been there - at one with nature!! We were the first private yacht to spend an entire winter taking in the beauty of the nature of Glacier Bay. Thanks to the kind folks of Gustavus and the great Glacier Bay Park personnel that made this nature experience happen! Thanks, from The Mad Dogs!
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