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Diving & Snorkelling
Having watched the famous explorer Jacques Cousteau on the research vessel Calypso TV series we wanted to go diving! Scuba diving is a fun and a very exciting sport that you can enjoy as part of any lifestyle. The Mad Dog Diving team are certified PADI divers and have snorkel and scuba diving gear onboard our sailboat/dive boat to allow us to dive in tropical waters such as the Philippines, Belize, Tahiti, Cayman Islands or in the cold waters of Alaska & Canada.

The Mad Dogs / Our continuous diving photo album
A collection of diving photos created while  travelling in various tropical places around the world. Save this continuous animate photo album to your PC or mobile device to use as screensaver! 

  Watch our continuous diving photo album

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Diving with the Mad Dog Diving team
Diving and snorkelling tropical waters with The Mad Dogs
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