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Don't follow us on social Media!
Social media sites should NOT be a full time job!
The Mad Dogs occasionally may create new posts on our social media pages, but it is no longer a priority for us. The social media circuit has spiralled completely out of control, demanding way too much time & effort, is too complicated and is too cumbersome to be of value.

Missing in Action
These media companies need profits and look for views (quantity instead of quality) instead of original content. It is very hard for small brands to ever be seen by the average public, because these companies promote and feature their hand-picked influencers and big names - a sure way to make money!

Tricks, Keywords & Hash Tags #
We don't stuff our websites with keywords or fake hash tags just to get views! We value you as a visitor and don't need to mislead or trick you to visit us.

If we spend hours in front of our computers or mobiles, that's less time we can spend on the activities we enjoy. We don't do it for recognition, we do it for our personal enjoyment. Our return is being able to be out there, engaging and encouraging you to do the same. This is the value and quality of life that we seek.

The Mad Dogs will continue with providing our visitors with inspirational material on this website, hoping you will be persuaded and inspired to start exploring our planet yourself before it is to late!

Get off the couch, Go out, Explore and Live....! Try to be unique and individual, be yourself & take control of your life, because before you know it, life is over........

Now go out and explore!

The Mad Dogs
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Exploring ● Adventuring ● Living!

The Mad Dogs, Exploring to inspire...™

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