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Switch your TV, mobile or PC into a lifelike aquarium!
Beautify your living or work space! Turn your TV, mobile or PC into a lifelike aquarium with various tropical fish species.

Relax with our Living Aquarium ZEN videos.

Feel the days' pressures fade away as you relax to the tranquil movements in the aquarium accompanied by the licensed professional soothing ZEN (Yoga) soundtrack.

Feeding not necessary!
Our Living Aquarium uses an AI type model to mimic real-life movements of the fish and includes licensed soundtracks. The various backgrounds are all designed in-house! currently we have over 20 unique backgrounds available.

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  Our aquarium videos are hosted on our own Fishspert.com site!
  AQ-200 ZEN, Searching for Atlantis / 30 min

  AQ-201 ZEN, Discovering Tranquility / 30 min

  AQ-202 Tropical Aquarium Collection / 90 min (No sound track)

 AQ-203 ZEN, Deep Blue / 30 min

  AQ-600 ZEN, Deep Blue with Mad Dog Quotes

 ● AQ-300 Every boy's dream aquarium / 30 min (Hamster Brain)

  More videos are on Fishspert.com (by The Mad Dogs)

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There is no hidden agenda here. No tracking, collecting data, viruses, etc. Created by The Mad Dogs to make your life better!

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Watch our free ZEN tropical fish aquarium videos and relax!
Watch or download free aquarium video for PC, mobile etc
Play tropical fish aquarium #AQ203 from Fishspert.com

Watch our free tropical fish aquarium videos and relax!


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