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Wanted: Equipment purchase list
We are looking for new equipment to upgrade our sailing Yacht Mad Dog Voyager. If you sell the products or equipment either we are looking for or you feel we should have, please feel free to send us your product offers. Be sure to include complete product details and pricing. If spare parts are recommended include the cost!

Do not waste our time with non-related product offerings! (We don't need belly massagers, snake oil or curling irons!)

We require as much product detail as possible, warranty details and availability. We hope you will send us the details on your company and the product and why we should buy from you. Free extensive promotion will be provided to products that exceed our expectations!

Worldwide vendors accepted!
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We are looking for the following items:
 w  Sails (including spinnaker)

 w  Bow thruster
 w  Food products

 w  Diesel generator
 w  Stainless steel arch

 w  Drone & camera
   w  More items will be added later.
Welcome to The Mad Dogs!